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Ratchet Pulley

Ratchet Pulley (rope not included)

Ratchet Pulleys are excellent for tensioning rope quickly and easily.

They feature a quick release for when you need to undo the rope. They are practical enough to be used around the home, at work or while camping.

The Pulleys take 1/4″ or 6mm rope, braided rope is best however traditional twisted rope will still work for most applications. (rope is not included with the pulleys)

The pulleys can be used for tieing down and holding light loads onto trailers, utes or roofracks.

They make a great accessory for the EasyKlips, they can be used to tension tarps, shadecloth or any other material you use with the EasyKlips, they can be used to make temporary clothelines while camping, used on tents to tension the guy ropes, and 100’s of other applications.



Single Pulley $15.00 + $6.60 freight

Bag of 4 Pulleys $50.00 + $6.60 freight

*Rope is not included and needs to be purchased seperately

Shipping Rate: D
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