Eyelet replacement example


The EasyKlip provides instant fixing points wherever and whenever they are needed – without any tools!
As an instant clip-on eyelet replacement, the EasyKlip is highly effective and efficient when securing textiles, fabrics, polythene, tarps, shadecloth, hessian and other sheet products.  Its versatility ensures that the EasyKlip has a wide range of applications for both the professional and the hobbyist.

EasyKlips are very strong, lightweight and cost effective, they can be used for multiple purposes with your imagination being their main limit.

Easyklip is designed specifically to grip up to 6mm thick fabrics, is reusable and relocatable and is tested to 100kg.


Bag of 6 EasyKlips $20.00 + $6.60 freight

Bag of 12 EasyKlips $36.00 + $6.60 freight

Bag of 24 EasyKlips $66.00 + $6.60 freight

Shipping Rate: D
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