Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What is included in a set?
Answer:  You will receive a bottom fitted sheet with an attached top sheet and one pillow case.

Question:  Why are there two top sheets?
Answer:  The attached two sheets are technically called a duvet cover, which is a European term meaning a style of comforter cover.  Similar to a slip-cover for your comforter or blanket.

Question:  Will these sheets stay on my mattress?
Answer: Yes, the bottom fitted sheet has an extra strong elastic band around the entire circumference to hold them on the mattress.

Question: Are these machine washable?
Answer:  Yes, sheets are completely machine washable.  They are made with a luxurious brushed micro fiber polyester which is machine washable.  Tumble dry on low heat.

Question:  Will these fit my odd sized mattress in my truck?
Answer:  Because of the extra deep stretchy pockets and snug elastic the 35×80 will fit the 32″ top bunk, up to a 38″ mattress regular twin (75″) to an extra long twin (80″).

Question:  I have a 42″ mattress on my bunk?
Answer:  We will be adding a 41″ set which will fit mattress sizes from 38″ up to a 44″.

Question:  My truck is red, what other colors are available?
Answer:  We expect to add a dark red soon.

Question:  Why does the pillowcase have a drawstring?
Answer:  You can place your sheet set inside of the pillowcase and use it as a duffle bag for portability.

Question:  Why does the top sheet have pockets on each end?
Answer:  These foot pockets prevent kicking the covers off.    When not in use, turn them inside out to avoid entanglement.

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