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Blue Cable Labels

blue cable id labels

Have you been searching for a reliable I.D. Tag to identify your network cables? The solution is now available with Stick’nGo® Network Cable Labels. These 27 mm wide labels make it easy to identify Voice, Data and any other electronic cables without complicated software, frustrating label separation or problematic plastic clips that always slip & slide!

The labels feature a unique double-sided I.D. Panel, allowing you to record information on both sides of the label without twisting cables; just flip the I.D. Panel to read the other side! Labels securely lock-on to all cables with diameters from 2 mm up to 7 mm; ideal for Cat5e & Cat6 UTP cables, ethernet cables and portable device charger cables.

The label material is tear-resistant and flexible and uses a durable, industrial strength adhesive with a service temperature of -30° C to + 60° C. Labels are resistant to moisture, chemicals, solvents & extreme temperatures & use a unique ‘wrap around & lock-on’™ grip. Here’s why Stick’nGo® labels are considered the best in the business …


Cost Effective – forget expensive labelling devices & complicated software; with this system all you need is a pen!
Dependable – these specialised labels are much faster, neater and stronger than standard labelling machine tape.
Colourful – with 2 colours in our range, your rat’s nest of computer & home theatre cables are identified instantly.
Reliable – this patent pending grip prevents the labels from separating, sliding on the cable or lifting-off over time.
Useful – the flexible, double-sided I.D. Panels allow more detailed information to be recorded on each label.
Tough – the hi-tech material is highly resistant to tearing, moisture, chemicals, solvents & other harsh elements.
Easy – labels attach in seconds to all cables from 2 mm to 7 mm in diameter, without the need for clips or covers

cable id labels

Sold in packs of 24 (3 sheets of 8).

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Order Pack of 24 Blue Cable Labels Pack of 24 Blue Cable Labels @ $14.50
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